Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Valentine Sweet-spiration Week:Valentine Vignette

If I had to choose between decorating for Valentine's Day and Christmas Day as a favourite way to spend a few hours...I am not sure I could choose.
I mean, who could not help but love adding the theme of romance to their home?
It was a perfect day for decorating projects because it was insufferably cold outside again the area of -40.
I put on some big band music and dug around my collection of Valentine's things to create a vignette.

 Here's a tip for creating a vignette...books with coloured spines are great things to I gathered up my red-spined books to add to the theme.
 I found these darling little cupcake decorations at Pier 1.
The decorations on the branches are all dollar store finds.
 You may remember I found these at the dollar store for $2 each and I took them apart to make napkin rings.
If you notice the bottom 2 hearts only have 1 hole for wire.
I used this scrapbooking tool set and....
added another small hole...
 and then pushed the wire into the other hole to make the heart into a hanging decoration for the branches.
And these soft velvet looking hearts were in a package for a dollar.
I prettied them up a bit by using a hot glue gun to add a button for a bit of homemade charm.
I think you could also easily paint these.
It makes for such a pretty valentine tree!
This project is the end of the fun for Valentine-Sweetspiration Week!
It was a lot of fun as I shared ideas for a little crafting, a little tablescaping, a little baking, a little packaging and some decorating!
I so hope that you found some inspiration!

Thank you so much for joining me & all of your lovely comments!
You are all fabulous!

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