Friday, 20 April 2012

A Mother's Day Breakfast...

I always remind my children that I appreciate small gestures from them much more than big gifts when it comes to special occasions.
I don't care about diamonds, or expensive purses or trendy shoes....just give me little gifts of love any day of the week.
A few years ago, my daughter went Christmas shopping for me on her own with her own money, and she bought some Burt's Bees lipstick and hand salve for me.
I loved that she knew that these things were my favourite little everyday things.
My son often brings me a glass of water with ice or a small treat on a plate when I have gone to bed early to read a good book.
It's these kinds of things that make me feel loved.
This brings me to a Mother's Day breakfast.
I love when others make food for means they know that a break from the kitchen is a wonderful gift...and, for instance,  a breakfast tray would be an amazing and luxurious treat.
This is what my dream breakfast tray would look like...
Orange juice..{I am not a coffee drinker, so imagine coffee here too if you drink it.}
a soft-boiled egg with toast...
and a delicious fruit salad garnished with a bit of whipped cream and a strawberry.
Simple yet filling.
I lined the tray with this pretty turquoise place mat and used this awesome flower print paper napkin...both from that store!
I completed the tray by adding this mini-terrarium that I shared in yesterday's post.
(So, dear children, if you are reading Mommy's blog, here is a small hint as to what special surprise you could make for Mommy!)
And if I lived closer to my own Mom, I would surely consider surprising her with a special meal on a pretty tray for Mother's Day.
My son does not enjoy making crafts at all, but I know he would gladly make something like this for me if I suggested it.
My daughter would be more likely to tackle a bigger meal on her own....2 few years ago she made a terrific greek supper for me on Mother's Day...complete with dessert.
It was wonderful and I was so proud of her.
So don't be afraid to suggest to your children that you would love a break from the kitchen on Mother's Day...and see what they come up with!
Cooking for people is a time-honoured way of showing love!

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Mini-Terrarium Project...

Hello my dear blog readers!
I am so sorry to have been missing lately, but I have been hosting some special guests at my house, so I have been busy preparing for the visit and then soaking up as much time with my guests as possible.
But today I was feeling a little creative, so I worked a few projects that I have been wanting to tackle.
I love all of the terrariums I've seen around blogland lately, but I don't have the right kind of glass vessel to create a large one, but somewhere I did see the the idea of creating a smaller version in a wine glass.
 Today I picked up this sweet little yellow plant at the grocery store.
I brought it home and performed a delicate surgery to remove a piece to re-plant into a crystal champagne flute.
I thought the surgery went quite well....I adore this little plant in a glass.
It's small and delicate...and quite romantic looking.
I cannot decide where I like it best...right now it's in the living room, but it did visit my desk for awhile.
The beauty of this little project is that it can move around quite easily.
And this is what else I found at the grocery store this morning....fresh fruit and some $3 tulips.
I love making little tablescapes with fresh things.
I love all the fresh bright colours together, don't you?
I hope your week is going great...we are finally seeing some wonderful spring weather in my part of the globe with no snow this it's a good week indeed!
I hope to be back tomorrow to share another fun project I worked on today.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

1 Little Cart...So Many Possibilities...

Have you had the chance to look at some of the offerings that Ikea has for Spring?
This little piece really caught my eye...a versatile little cart and then when I saw the price at only $29.99, I couldn't help but to dream up all the things this little cart could be.
Ikea shows it here as a helper in the kitchen.
But I could picture it as so many other things.
I am seriously considering picking this up for my teenage daughter's bedroom for her to use as a portable little 'glam' station....a place for all her makeup, potions & lotions and accouterments for hair styling.
{These things currently litter her bed & they need a little home!}
It's small and light. It has wheels. 
Often she has girlfriends over and they get ready for some social event together...this would be perfect for the various beauty makeovers that happen in her room...but then it could be easily wheeled out of the way.
I think this little piece would also make a great:
Drink & beverage station for the back deck or patio.
A cute little arts and craft center for little ones.
A potting bench for a space without a lot of room. 
A portable desk holding office supplies and such.
A tea or bar cart for a small dining space.
A plant stand for flowers that could moved around to follow light and shade.
A sweet little dessert station for entertaining.

So many possibilites for just the right budget friendly price.
What comes to mind when you see this adorable little piece?

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Little Ducky Picnic....

This is a story of a little ducky picnic.

 Of how some cute little bags and baskets in a dollar store became an inspiration for something sweet for littles...little people, little sons & daughters, little friends,....little grandchildren.
 How a simple lunch of sandwiches, veggies & fruit...

 can be packed into a impossibly adorable yellow ducky bag.

 And how a mini vanilla cupcake with soft yellow frosting and sprinkles....
 can be tucked into a tiny paper basket as a dessert for small appetites.
And how cute sillies like a mini-paper windmill and scented bubbles in a cheerful bucket...

can become a wonderful picnic for any occasion that arises. Or no occasion at all.

Indoor picnics. Outdoor picnics.
Beach picnics. Birthday Picnics. Park Picnics.
'I love you' picnics.
How this little ducky picnic can be a perfect bit of fun for your littles. And you.
{Can anyone loan me a little? I need one for a picnic!}
Happy Easter!!

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

An Easter Gift For Friends & Neighbours...

I made up a little Easter gift for a friend today and I thought you might like to take a peek!
If you are looking for a hostess gift or a small gift for friends or neighbours for Easter, this may be just what you are looking for!
It involves two of my favourite things for gift-giving....homemade treats and a recycled container made into a beautiful-looking package.
I have seen so many recyled egg cartons made into lovely things on pinterest, I was inspired to create one of my own.
I took this empty egg carton...
and filled it with homemade mini-cupcakes.
But you could also fill it with two-bite brownies, small cookies or mini-muffins...or an assortment of colourful Easter candy.
And here's the fun part which I love... decorate the container with scrapbook papers and embellishments.
If you don't have scrapbook paper, wrappping paper would be just as pretty.
I used 2 different patterns of scrapbook paper that I trimmed to fit using a paper trimmer, but scissors would work just as well.
I wrapped the papers around the egg carton just like wrapping a present and I used scotch tape.
 And I embellished the top with a white paper doily, pink raffia, paper flower and a button.
It certainly takes the egg carton from a 'scrubbing Cinderella' to a 'beautiful Cinderella' at the Prince's ball, don't you think?

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