Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Little Ducky Picnic....

This is a story of a little ducky picnic.

 Of how some cute little bags and baskets in a dollar store became an inspiration for something sweet for littles...little people, little sons & daughters, little friends,....little grandchildren.
 How a simple lunch of sandwiches, veggies & fruit...

 can be packed into a impossibly adorable yellow ducky bag.

 And how a mini vanilla cupcake with soft yellow frosting and sprinkles....
 can be tucked into a tiny paper basket as a dessert for small appetites.
And how cute sillies like a mini-paper windmill and scented bubbles in a cheerful bucket...

can become a wonderful picnic for any occasion that arises. Or no occasion at all.

Indoor picnics. Outdoor picnics.
Beach picnics. Birthday Picnics. Park Picnics.
'I love you' picnics.
How this little ducky picnic can be a perfect bit of fun for your littles. And you.
{Can anyone loan me a little? I need one for a picnic!}
Happy Easter!!

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