Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Valentine Sweet-spiration Week: Sweetheart Napkin Rings

Hi there!
Happy Wednesday!
With Christmas put away, I have been having some fun with some new creative projects.
Earlier this week, I made these Valentine Heart Napkin Rings.
I actually started out looking to buy a few Valentine-ish red napkin rings, but I couldn't find any.
And the few that I did find, I was unwilling to pay the price of $4 each.

That led to a trip to the local Dollarama.
And that trip brought about this idea for my blog.
I saw so many cute things at the store... my mind just exploded with ideas.
So as I crafted a few things for our home...I thought I would share some ideas and inspiration.
Welcome to
'Valentine Sweet-spiration Week'
 here at Echoes of Laughter!
For the next week, I will be sharing some Valentine's projects and ideas.
And no, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day in huge way, but I do like to do a little decorating and share a special meal with my little family with a pretty table.
All of my projects, as usual,  will be easy on time and budget.
While trolling around Dollarama last week for ideas to make some Valentine's napkin rings, I spotted this decoration: 3 glittery, sparkly hanging hearts.
I loved the look, and I started to think that if I took them apart, I could easily glue them to rings.
So I snapped up a few to take home for a mere $2 each.
{Do you know how much it would cost to buy 3 bottles of glitter and wooden hearts to make this? A lot more than $2! and a lot more mess!}
When I got home, I found that the hearts were very easy to take apart. It just meant uncurling the wire at the back.
I quickly had 6 hearts like this:
Then I gathered a paper towel tube from the kitchen.
And I searched out one of my old piano books from the piano bench to find some music sheets to cover the rings. Any scrapbook paper or heavy wrapping paper would work as well.
I cut the paper towel tube into rings that were 1.5 inches tube was enough for 7 rings.
{It was super easy with a sharp kitchen knife and a cutting board.}
Then I cut the music sheets into 1.5 inch strips to cover the paper towel rings.
Then I grabbed this distress ink from my scrapbooking supplies and rubbed it one the outer edges of the rings.
{Any brown or black ink will do!}

The ink just added a little more dimension to my project.
And then I warmed up the hot glue gun and attached the rings to the hearts.
Easy peasy!
And here is the finished project!
I made 6 napkin rings using 2 of the $2 hanging heart decorations from Dollarama for a total of $4.
I love the big bold look of the hearts and they add just the right touch of pretty to the table!
It really got me thinking that I should be makin napkin rings instead of buying them...and a set of 6 or 8 would make a great gift for someone who appreciate homemade gifts.
And you could use lots of other things beside hearts...such as flowers.

Join me tomorrow for some more fresh fun and ideas for Valentine's Day!

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