Friday, 25 May 2012

Spray Painted Bucket Planters...

There`s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza.
Anyone else recall that song?
I learned it from Sesame Street when I was just a little tyke in the 1970's and it was 1 of a very few kids programs on TV back then.
But anyhoo...there are no holes in the buckets I picked up from the dollar store for $2 each.
I had been looking around for some new planters for my front porch and I was so discouraged by both the prices and colour choices of what I saw.
While in the dollar store picking up some things, I saw these metal buckets for 2 bucks and thought with a little spray paint that they would be perfect.
I picked up some new spray paint colours from Walmart for $4 a can.
I decided to go with yellow to give the front porch some panache.
I spent some time trying to get those darn price tags off the buckets, but after 20 minutes, I just gave up and decided to spray right over them!
It took 4 very light coats to get the buckets fully covered.
I loved the end result... $10 for 3 bright & pretty yellow planters...not bad!
I spied these pink geraniums at Walmart for $6 each and I thought they would look fabulous in the bucket planters.
{Don't look too close because you will notice another project to be done this summer...painting the entire front porch.}
I really love, love, love the yellow & pink together. It so bright & happy together!
And the beauty of spray paint year these buckets could be painted in a completely different colour, as long as there are no holes!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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