Monday, 28 May 2012

Muffin Tin Chef: Broccoli & Mushroom Frittatas...

I have been working away in the 'Echoes of Laughter test kitchen" again...this time trying out yummy things made in a muffin tin.
Yes...a muffin tin!
It's an amazing way to allows you to make perfectly portion-sized food!
I am not new to muffin tin cooking. Back when my daughter was a toddler in 1997 and 1998, I used to regularly make food  in muffins tin so we could have ready-made homemade meals in the freezer for her.
Her favourites were homemade mac and cheese, and rice & chicken casserole.
I used to make these dishes in muffin tins, place them in the freezer until frozen and then pop them out into a ziploc bag for storage in the freezer to use as needed.
It was an amazing way to have healthy food on hand for a toddler for lunches.
But now muffin tin cooking for anyone has I tried out this recipe for Broccoli & Mushroom Frittatas from the new book, "Muffin Tin Chef".
This was a delicious dish that left me smacking grabby hands away in the kitchen so I could photograph them before they were all gone!
Not kidding!
The folks at Ulysses Press sent me a review copy of this book...and I was more than happy to receive it! 
The author, Matt Kadey, is a registered dietitian, freelance nutrition writer, recipe developer and travel write based out of Waterloo, Canada.
Matt knows his stuff. This book is full of creative recipes for making muffin tin cooking fun and delicious.
I love the idea of portion control and I think the portions are great for a take-to-work lunch, quick dinner, small children, senior citizens as well as for every day cooking.
{In fact, I was telling my Mom how these recipes would be great to make for my Grandmother, who lives on her own in a seniors' apartment.}
The broccoli and mushroom frittatas were easy to make...basically chopping some veggies and shredding cheese, mixing with eggs and a few other ingredients and then popping in the oven.
They came out beautifully done and delicious!
So, so good!
My family loved them and by the next day, the frittatas were all gone!
I managed to hide these 2 way back in the fridge so I could have them for lunch the next day!
I highly recommend checking out this book!
The "Echoes of Laughter test kitchen"  has been busy lately...what with making frittatas and mini strawberry pies!
What have you been cooking in your kitchen lately?

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