Friday, 11 May 2012

10 Gifts To Make For Mother's Day...

Well, one of the most important days after Christmas and Easter is just  a few days away...Mother's Day!
I went through the Echoes of Laughter archives and thought I would share these 10 projects that would be great for any special woman in your life.
Yes....there is still time!
Click on the title to take you directly to the project!

1~Vacation Shadow Box~This pretty momento requires a shadow box {found at HomeSense, Home Goods, or Michaels} and a few photos from any special vacation and a few scrapbook embellishments.
2~Strawberry Butter~Delicious butter that takes only a few minutes to make...add a can of pre-made biscuits and you have a delicious little gift.
3~Vacation Memory Jar~A medium size jar and a vacation photo along with a few other objects makes a lovely 3-D keepsake of a special holiday.
4~Kitchen Recipe Board~This gift requires no carpentry skills whatsoever...just some glue, cork tiles and scrapbook embellishments..all found at the dollar store. You may want to get Mom out of the house for a little while so she can be surprised with this one!
5~Napkin Rings~Clear shower rings and flowers make this project as simple as it can get!
6~Yummy Drink Mixes for Summer~My latest project would make a great little gift for any Mom to treat herself any time.
7~A Pretty Picnic~I think any Mom would love a picnic lunch made just for her...shared with her loved ones!
8~Jewellery Shadow Box~Give Mom a special place to display her vintage or favourite jewellery. Inexpensive shadow boxes can be found at HomeSense, Home Goods, or Michaels {with a coupon}.
9~A Photo Tray~Lots of scrapbook stores sell these nifty photo trays which only need a few photos and some scrapbooking decorations for a fun alternative to a regular picture frame.
10~Breakfast in Bed~This might be the easiest gift of all...a thoughtfully prepared breakfast in bed...appreciated any time!
If you can carve out a few hours of time on Saturday, there is still time to create a one-of-a-kind special something for the woman you love.
I would like to wish all my dear readers a fabulous Mother's Day!
Thank you so much for sharing your time with me here at Echoes of Laughter....I am so very grateful and your comments mean the world to me!!!
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