Monday, 26 March 2012

March Break Goodness...

This week is March Break for my children.
We are having a budget-friendly 'staycation' this year.
Last year we were lucky enough to go to Florida, but this year we are hanging around our city doing a few day trips and just enjoying a break from the school routine.
One of the day trips we usually enjoy is a trip to this waterpark at West Edmonton Mall.
It provides a full day of fun & thrills for all ages.
My teenager goes with her friends, but I take my school-aged son and a friend and I stay at the park with them.
We take a packed lunch, snacks and I usually take a book.
It's a fun mission for the kids when they go to see if they can hit every single water slide...which can take a few hours when it is busy.
The talk this year is about some new water rides that were recently added to the is like a capsule that you climb into and then the bottom drops out and propels you into water at 65mph and 3G's of force...and as the kids is SICK!
No...I won't be testing it out...I am too old for big wedgies!!!

What does your March Break goodness mean for you and your family?
Are you 'staycationing' like us?

Since break is 100% family fun, I will be popping in & out this week!
Love to all!

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