Monday, 5 March 2012

Layered Salad In a Jar...

Just as you are reading this post, I am most likely digging into my lunch....which is this yummy layered salad in a jar which I made on Saturday.
Can you believe that I made 10 of these jars on Saturday and there are only 2 left?
 I was chatting with my friend Ronda last week and she was telling me about a recipe from President's Choice for a layered salad that she had tried.
I was so inspired by our chat that I got busy making this salad in my own kitchen.
It is a super easy recipe.... just basically layer vegetables.
The original recipe calls for layering the vegetables in 3 containers to serve 3.
I took it a step further and got out mason jars and made 10 jars of salad...because if I am going to make a few....I may as well make a lot!
And my favourite thing about this salad...nice crunchy vegetables!
No soggy grains or lettuce which turns brown easily!

Ingredients for this salad:
-corn {You can use canned or frozen. I used frozen and let it thaw in the jar.}
-shredded carrots {You can buy shredded carrot or make your own.}
-green onions, sliced
-broccoli slaw {I used a mix that can be found at Superstore. Or use regular coleslaw mix.}
-chopped tomatoes {I used grape tomatoes}
-protein of your choice.....tuna, salmon, chicken, beef, chopped egg, or chick peas.
-favourite salad dressing.
-mason jars, or whatever containers suit your need.

The concept behind this salad is simply this:
Layer crunchy vegetables in a jar.
When you are ready to eat, add some protein and salad dressing and give it a shake to mix everything.
Eat this yummy with a fork!

Here we go:
Layer in frozen corn.

 Add shredded carrot.
{I used a food processor to shred the carrot. I wasn't going to bang up my knuckles on a box grater.}

 Add a thin layer of sliced green onion.
Then a layer of broccoli slaw.
 Top with chopped tomatoes.
 At this point, put the cover on the layered salad and store in the fridge.
The salad should be good like this for 3-4 days.
When ready to eat,  add some protein and salad dressing and shake.
On Sunday, I added canned salmon and chopped olives.
Then poured in some of my fav dressing and shook it up for a tasty lunch.
Today I added chopped chicken breast.
The possibilities for this salad are could add nuts, or even cheese on top.
My daughter loves this salad. She ate 3 yesterday with chicken.
And she took 2 to school today for herself and a friend.
{She took hers in square plastic sandwich containers.}
I love this salad because it's a quick lunch ready in the fridge that I can eat during the day when my family is at school and work.
It would also be great to take to work....with it's healthy dose of crunchy veggies and salad dressing added just before travels well.
It's also a great gluten free lunch, and it could be vegan if you left out the meat.
I hope you enjoy it whatever way you make it!

You can find the original recipe here.
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