Wednesday, 6 March 2013

20 FUN Activities For March Break

March Spring Break is just around the corner for many school children.
Our family is enjoying a stay-cation for Spring Break, as we are hoping to take a bigger trip later in the year, so we need to save our pennies.
Although my kids are older now and don't need me to plan activities and crafts for them,
I can't help but love ALL the amazing ideas I see for kids so I thought I would make a collection of easy, budget-friendly activities for families who do have younger children and are looking for ideas for things to do at home.
First, I have a few SPRING and EASTER IDEAS to share.

You can find small birdhouses for painting. along with paints and brushes,  at almost any dollar store and this would provide an afternoon of fun for kids. I found this inspiration picture for you at Plaid.
 These little Chickadee Pencils are easy to make and would make an awesome gift to give to classmates for Easter.

Flower Pots are always fun to paint & dress-up. I love these Easter pot ideas from Plaid. A  quick
trip to the dollar store would take care of gathering the flower pots, google eyes, paint and foam sheets.
Bounty Towels also shared this creative idea for Egg Shell Mosaics made with crushed eggshells. Cool!
I adore this Easter Egg lunch from the Kailo Chic Blog. How fun would this be for little kids?
Now with a few Easter/Spring ideas under out belt, let's look at some other
I love this paper doll making kit from The Mama Makes Stuff. Please visit her blog to find out more, but she has photocopied several copies of a paper doll and filled a bag of scraps, scissors and glue, so everything needed for designing 'outfits' is at hand. This idea would also be fabulous for long road trips!
 Painting and gluing activities are always fun for kids and collages perfect for keeping small hands busy!
This Sea Creature Collage would work for both boys or girls.
And how about Painting Sneakers?
And now let's tackle the TOUGHEST CATEGORY EVER...
Crafts & Activities FOR BOYS!
{I have a boy and he is the toughest critic EVER when it comes to craft activities!}
 What boy wouldn't  love this easy Marshmallow Shooter from the blog Come Together?
And since boys love anything with motion, these Box Mazes from Scribbit would be an awesome project to make with a box and some Popsicle sticks or straws.
And how about Pizza Box Tabletop Soccer? Simply reuse a pizza box with some straws and cotton balls. How very easy is that? This great idea comes from the Spooful blog.
And if you have a large empty basement or garage space...a bunch of boxes and duct tape could turn into hours and hours of fun with a maze, which older kids could probably manage to build by themselves.
Boxes, duct tape, and flashlights could make for the cheapest fun ever!
Some kids might enjoy some activities/projects that involve GROWING THINGS.
How cool would it be to grow beans during March Break like The Imagination Tree? You could start the seeds on Monday and have plants within 2-3 days!
And if  kids want to start some seedlings for the garden, I shared several ideas HERE for just that.
And you looking to make some new Bird Feeders for Spring? Inner Child Fun shares some super ideas for making shaped bird feeders.
And after the craft and activity time is over, it would be so fun to have a Little Ducky Picnic. You could spread a blanket on the floor and have a summer-esque picnic.
Another fun theme for lunch is a Sea Creature meal....made with some hot dogs and served with veggies & dip.
I just love this fun looking Spring Pizza. For this, cookie dough could be made or bought and the kids could flatten it into a pizza pan and decorate it...perfect for hands-on fun.
Older kids could easily make these sweet & silly Marshmallow Easter Kabobs on their own.
 So there you have 20 FUN IDEAS for both BOYS & GIRLS of all ages!
Which idea was YOUR favourite?
And if you are looking for a few other ideas, don't forget to check out:
What are your plans for March Break?
Are you travelling or enjoying a Stay-cation like us?
Thank you SO much for visiting!

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