Thursday, 20 December 2012

13 Deliciously Easy Christmas Cookies...

 Today I want to share with you my easy go-to recipes for Christmas Cookies.You know a little trick of mine? I like to take my normal repertoire of cookie know...the familiar cookies that you have made many times and you are good at making and then 'dress them up' in some way for adding special things like chocolate, drizzles or frosting.
This trick keeps things simple and stress free.
I am not left trying unfamiliar recipes at a busy time of year!
If you think about it, I am sure that you, too, have tried & true recipes that can be dressed up for Christmas!
 Here are my FAVS:
 1. Easy Drop Sugar Cookies. This is my Grandmother's recipe and I have made it so many times! I love them because they are not only easy, but very tasty and delicious as well. Here the cookies are dressed up with some Christmas-coloured sprinkles.
2. Poinsettia Cookies. These are simply easy drop sugar cookies dressed up with frosting & cherries to make poinsettias.
 3. White Chocolate & Cranberry Sugar Cookies. Easy drop sugar cookies with white chocolate drizzled on top with diced craisins. 
4. Reindeer Cookies. Here I have used the easy drop sugar cookie recipe again, along with pretzels and candies to make the reindeer. 

5. Chocolate Dreams. This is a drop cookie that is soft and chewy and so good. Here the cookies are dressed up with drizzled white chocolate and crushed candy canes.

6. Chocolate Dreams with Christmas-coloured M & Ms.
7. Gingerbread Softies. This recipes makes a nice soft cookie with a wonderful flavour.

 8. Gumdrop Cookies. A fun drop cookie made with colourful gumdrops.

9. Confetti Squares. These are very easy to make...just melt some ingredients on the stove top and pour into a pan.

10. Cherry Balls. These are perfect if you are not a baker. This is a filling wrapped around a cherry and rolled in graham cracker crumbs.

11. Pretzel Hugs. I have made these little gems with my kids for years. We have given them out for teachers' gifts. Another perfect project if you are not a baker!

12. Easy Cinnamon Bun Christmas Tree. This is a great project for kids. It uses a can of purchased cinnamon buns cut into pieces and rolled into balls to make the tree. Simple dimple!

 13. Cinnamon Bun Snowman. Another great creation for kids to try. A can of cinnamon buns cut into pieces to make a snowman decorated with candies.
I love making cookies and giving them as gifts...especially for
 friends who are not bakers or
who have little ones and not much time for baking.
What is your favourite Christmas cookie?

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