Thursday, 23 August 2012

How To Photograph Teens...

Last weekend, some of my teen daughter's friends organized a birthday dinner for her  'Sweet 16' . Such a lucky girl!
My daughter and 5 of her best girlfriends  dressed up to go out for dinner on a Saturday night and I used the opportunity to gather them together for a fun photo shoot. I asked them if we could meet an hour before the dinner reservations to 'do photos' and they all agreed.
And let my tell ya....I had SO much fun with these girls!
I never laughed so hard!
Sixteen year old girls like to dress up as much as those little 4 year old girls that they used to be!
There was some super funny walking happening for those not used to wearing HIGH was hilarious!
But before we get to the pics, let me share some tips:
1~A special occasion is the perfect opportunity to sneak in a photo shoot. Everyone is happy and relaxed.
2-Said special occasion works because people are often a little dressed up.
3~Find a casual setting that works for teens. I chose this street setting because it was casual and teens often spend a lot of time walking to places.
4~Shady spots work best for any photos. Bright sun results in squinty eyes and overexposure for the camera.
5~Have a plan for the photos. I had a series of poses in mind to walk them through so the photo shoot was be fun & energetic and not boring for them.
6~Take lots of pics. And I mean lots. I took 231 photos in 40 min...and I am only sharing a small fraction of what I took...I chose some of the best to share here.
7~And if you notice, these girls are dressed quite differently...from skirts and heels to jeans and boots and heels. What unites them in the pictures are the poses and their love for one another.
I find the love shared  between these girls so very beautiful!
Here we start with the typical 'Arms Around The Waist' pose.
It's classic.
Here are some other poses we tried:
The "Back-to-Back" Pose.
The "Holding Hands" Pose.
The" Lets Take a Photo While 2 Girls Go To Change" Pose.
The "Strike A Pose" Pose.
The "Let's Be Cats' Pose.
The "Do Whatever You Want" Pose. {A personal favourite!}
The "Legsters" Pose.
And then we went to the restaurant with some very hungry girls!
And after dinner, they wanted to do some more!
The "Sex & the City Walking in New York" Pose.{Another personal fav!}
The "Shoes" Pose.

We had such a blast and all the girls loved the pictures and wanted them on facebook to share!
I felt so very grateful so capture this time in my daughter's life!
She wants to frame a collage of these pictures in her room.
By comparison, I don't even remember what I did for my 16th birthday, and I wish that I had pictures to help me remember.
PS- I found teen boys just as willing to join in on the fun!

Do you remember your 16th birthday?

{Please don't comment if the girls' outfits offend you. These girls all play sports likes soccer, skating & dance,  and are honour students at school and have part-time jobs. I don't comment on other blogs when I see something I don't like...I just move on! Just sayin'.}

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