Friday, 10 August 2012

Active Kids & Healthy Snacks & Drinks....

I have been taking a little unexpected break from blogging this past week as I have been busy focusing on my children. August is not only the last month of summer vacation before school begins, but also the month of sports camps for hundreds of kids across Canada. My  youngest is enrolled in a few hockey camps to help him get ready for hockey try-outs later this month. We also have a young friend from Nova Scotia staying with us to visit and attend a figure skating camp to help polish her programs for the upcoming skating season.
To get ready for our busy week, I prepared a a bin of healthy snacks for the kids to 'grab & go'....things that could quickly go into a sports bag on the way out the door.
I made up several small servings of veggies and fruit {cherries & grapes}, along with ranch dip, single servings of guacamole, Greek yogurt, and Babybel cheese, along with 100% juice boxes.

And another important part of the day is making sure the kids drink lots of water!
I make sure that everyone fills up a water bottle before they leave.
I stopped buying cases of water years ago because I made a conscious decision to do our part as a family and not contribute to the 365 billion cans & bottles that make their way to the landfill each year.
The kind folks at Wenger contacted me and asked if we'd be willing to try out the latest in their water & sports bottles.
We said we'd love to because, honestly, we are always in need of water bottles around  here.
Wenger Bottles are made with no toxins or harmful chemicals{Phthlates} and feature a Swiss made BPA free liner... important features I look for when shopping for water bottles.
I tested this style and I like the wide mouth top because I love lots of ice in my water.

My son grabbed this Wenger sports bottle and claimed it as his own. He has been using it everyday and one thing that this Mom likes about this bottle is that the Sporttop closes so easily with a 1/2 turn which means we have less spilled water inside the sports bag because of a bottle top that wasn't turned all the way! ! This bottle also features a straw inside so you can sip easily too.

Another thing I liked about these bottles is how light they are to carry around. And the red bottle fit well into the cup holder in my car...bonus. We were really happy with these water bottles and would not hesistate to purchase them in the future.

{If you would like to learn more about Wenger bottles, please visit their website. Wenger bottles can be purchased at London Drugs in Canada.}

How about you? Do you have children attending camps this month? Or are your children starting back to school soon? Our schools don't start again until the last week of August. So we are revelling in a few more weeks of summer fun!

Wishing  you a lovely weekend!

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