Thursday, 30 January 2014

Make An Asian Noodle Bar

I love family food that can be served in such a way where each person can make a dish of whatever they like. Everyone has happy tummies and the family chef feels pretty darn good too! When I saw this Asian Noodle Bar on  Mara`s Blog, I was completely inspired to make this for my family...knowing that it would be a huge hit! And I was totally right...this Asian Noodle Bar was a fabulous meal that was fun to make and fun to serve!

The beauty of this meal is that there is something for everyone. Each bowl can be filled with meat, veggies, noodles and broth in a hundred different ways.
And hot-diggity dog... Asian flavours and hot sauces can be added with a few shakes and drizzles too.
Here is how everything is put together. However, I really suggest that you go over to Mara`s post  because she explains things really well too!

Asian Noodle Bar

Make the Broth:
You need about 1-2 cups of broth per person, so for my family of 4, I prepared about 2-3  litres of broth so there was some for leftovers too.
2 litres of favourite broth {I used President's Choice organic chicken broth}
1 stalk of lemon grass, cut into one inch pieces
2 in X 2 in piece of fresh ginger, sliced into 3 pieces

Add ginger and lemon grass to broth and simmer broth while you prepare the other ingredients or on low heat for a few hours.
Serve broth hot.

Make the Noodles:
1 large package Udon noodles. {Udon noodles are Japanese noodles that can be found in the international food section of the grocery store or an Asian grocery store.} Cook according to package directions.
Rice noodles, spaghetti, linguine or whatever noodles you have on hand. Cook according to package directions. Allow 1-2 cups per person.

Make the Veggies & Protein:
Here's where you can have some fun! Cook  chicken or beef, shrimp or cubes of tofu for the protein add-ins. And prepare whatever veggies your family likes! Choices can be carrots, broccoli, kale, cabbage, bok choy, any chinese vegetables, bean sprouts, mushrooms, etc. Cut into bite size pieces

Cook veggies until fork tender...either by steaming or pan-frying. Here's what I made:
Steamed carrots
Steamed broccoli
Pan-fried mushrooms
Bean sprouts
Sliced green onions

 Once everything is ready, place everything on the table along with deep bowls and chop sticks.
Invite everyone to fill their bowls with whatever they like...adding the hot broth and soya/hot sauces last.
 This food idea makes for the most fun and casual dinner. It's great for a family or for company.
And with Chinese New Year tomorrow, it is a nice celebratory meal for the New Year!
 And this is such a wonderful meal to serve during the bone-chlling cold months of winter!
We had this today for dinner and it was so, so good.
There was lots of happy slurping around the table!

Thank you so much for visiting me!
Enjoy your noodles!  {wink}

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