Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Introducing Snackbox....An Amazing Christmas Gift Idea!

I love finding fun & unique gift ideas...and when I first learned about Snackbox, I was super excited because I knew that I had found the perfect gift for my healthy-snack loving 17 year old daughter.  She loves healthy snacks and fueling her body with good things and Snackbox is a perfect fit for someone like her! If you are hearing about Snackbox for the very first time, let me tell you about this amazing snack concept.

Snackbox is a subscription snack service that can be delivered by mail to your door each month. You will be treated to 10-12 snacks that have been especially curated by a nutritionist so that not only are you enjoying great tasting snacks, but foods that are healthy for you as well! The beauty of this is that you get to try different healthy snacks each month that you don't have to search out at the grocery store....wondering if you might like it or not. Snackbox gives you the opportunity to tray an array of healthy snacks and when you find your favourites...there is a small pamphlet with every box that shares where the snack can be found for purchase.
We received our very first snack box a few weeks ago, and I was SO excited for my daughter! She was thrilled to receive a box of specially chosen healthy snack foods to try out and take to school.
And she is already telling me which snacks she really loved and wants me to buy more for her at the grocery store! I am so happy that she gets to try new things without me having to buy a whole box or package before finding out that she doesn't like it.

The folks at Snackbox have been so kind as to offer readers of Echoes of Laughter a special coupon for $15 off their of their first snackbox!{new customers only} until January 31, 2014. Use the coupon code below and try out the goodness of Snackbox for yourself!
 There are 7 days left until Christmas, so there is lots of time to visit Snackbox online and use this coupon to send someone you love the gift of a beautifully curated Snackbox each month! It's super easy and includes FREE SHIPPING too!

Pleases visit HERE to learn more and order your gift today!

You can also find Snackbox on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to learn more!

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