Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My First Experience At Blissdom Canada 2014 #Social Bliss

{This post is part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias. I  attended the Collective Bias Suite and the Social Etiquette Workshop at Blissdom Canada for Tetley Tea/Pure Via Sweetener .  #cbias #SocialBliss}

I am just back from my very first experience at Blissdom Canada in Mississauga, Ontario and I have to say that this Canadian conference for bloggers exceeded my expectations in every way! It was a top-notch experience and I am so glad that I decided to attend. There were so many, many things that made up the whole experience of please let me re-cap a bit with pictures from this amazing 3 day conference.

As a blogger, I got to have face-to-face experiences with brands.
And learn about new-to-me brands such as Philosophy.
I spent fabulous times with friends...both old and new! 
And I enjoyed wonderful buffets loaded with amazing food!
 I sat in a chair and had the most fabulous...
retro glam makeover...which I loved so much that I didn't want to go to bed and mess it up!
Hung out in cool lounge spaces.
Sipped champagne.
Enjoyed delightfully decadent cupcakes.
Had fun decorating my own donut.
Ate some ice cream for a cool afternoon treat.
Had high energy lunch sessions.
And more delicious lunches.
And afternoon tea parties hosted by Tetley Tea and Pure Via.
Tetley Tea and Pure Via sponsored a workshop discussing a very important issue-online behaviour and cyber-bullying.
Seated here is the father of Rehtaeh Parsons. 
His story is both sad and devastating.
 In memory of his daughter, he works hard to spread the message that cyber-bullying must stop and we must all work together for change.
I felt so very lucky to be able to take part in this exchange of ideas and experiences.
As a mom of school-age children, this issue is so very important to me.
This session made me think, contemplate and challenged me to take action as part of belonging to a wider online community.
Out of all the informative sessions that I attended over the course of Blissdom Canada, I felt that this one was the most powerful in terms of working toward positive change in the online community.
Also, as part of my experience at Blissdom Canada, I had the delight of being able to hang out in the Collective Bias suite where conference attendees could come to relax, socialize, get off their feet  for a bit and enjoy a cup of Tetley Tea and try out Pure Via sweetener.
The suite was a fun place for meeting or catching up with Blissdom Canada friends.
And I really appreciated having a cuppa hot tea in the afternoon when I felt a little chilly.
It was great to be able to try out some different flavours too!
 I enjoyed adding a touch of Pure Via to my tea and there were lots of samples to take home.
Have you tried Pure Via?
If you haven't, you can learn more about Pure Via on their Facebook page HERE,
I came home with so many Tetley Tea packages and samples that I won't have to buy tea for a very long time!

I had so much fun at Blissdom Canada that I cannot wait to go back next year!
And if you are blogger in Canada and have never gone to Blissdom, I highly recommend the whole experience! 
 You will not be disappointed!

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