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Amazingly Fast Cooking & Baking With The Frigidaire Gallery Induction Range #testdrivemoms

Hello sweet readers! I have some VERY exciting news to share with you. In the Spring I had the honour of being chosen  as a Frigidaire Canada Ambassador as part of an amazing program offered through Mom Central Canada and Frigidaire Canada. I cannot tell you what  a thrill it was to open that email  in May to learn that I had been chosen. I literally did a happy dance around the house!

As any busy family knows, getting food on the table in a hurry for little & big hungry mobsters is a daily adventure! And if you are like me, it seems that I have hungry people in my house ALL the time! That is why I was more than ecstatic  to learn that I would be receiving a new Frigidaire Gallery Electric Induction Range. And let me tell you about how fast this baby cooks!

I was so excited when this marvel of home cooking arrived!
It looks wonderful in my kitchen too! I love the beautiful styling and the sleek look of the stainless steel design.
We just couldn't wait and.we 'christened'  the range within a few hours with a homemade coconut cream pie, which was made by my mom. She has been making pies for more than 50 years and she said that it was the BEST pie she has ever the oven credit for baking everything just perfectly...the meringue, the crust, and the coconut cream filling. It was all so very delicious! {And I hastily snapped this photo with my iPhone before the pie was demolished!}
What is induction you ask? It's only the best thing since sliced bread...or coconut cream pie! Basically  it involves magnetic technology that makes for water that boils faster and liquids that simmer more efficiently! I was shocked to see how quickly water boils with this technology because I honestly had no idea it was so fast! With faster boiling water, this means that things like pasta, rice, and vegetables get on the table much faster than with a traditional stove.This means a hungry family can be fed much faster!
 Broccoli steams in 3 minutes.
Stir fries can be done in under 10 minutes.
Home canning projects take less time.
And dishes made in enameled cast iron cook beautifully like this one pot chili.
Fresh cranberry sauce for a turkey dinner can be done in 8 minutes! 
The Frigidaire Induction Range has four differently-sized induction cooking zones and heating only begins when the cookware is properly placed on the cooktop. And whether turned off or on, the cooking zones remain cooler than traditional radiant type elements. The cooking zones have a magnetic detector that automatically detects whether the pan is induction-friendly {magnetic} and only the pan heats. This makes for for fast and efficient cooking. And the cooktop cleans easily with spills that resist sticking and burning and can be wiped easily.
Now let's chat about the oven. Oh the oven! I love the convection feature which uses a fan to help circulate heat inside the oven that results in food that cooks up to 25 to 30% faster with even cooking and browning. For me, the convection feature means that I can cook foods faster and get out of the kitchen faster too! Here, you can see that I am doing my weekly 'big batch' cooking for several meals at once by cooking chicken breasts, a salmon fillet, bratwurst sausages and pork chops all at once.
 And I enjoy making perfectly roasted vegetables such as baked potatoes, along with sweet potatoes and squash.
And ribs bake to perfection as well. 
And cheesecakes like this chocolate cheesecake I made for my birthday turn out beautifully.
 And oh the pies! Did I mention how wonderful pies turn out in the new oven? Divine!
And the oven also comes with a temperature probe which will alert you, if set correctly, when internal food temperatures have reached the desired 'target' temperature.

I have done a ton of baking and cooking with my new Frigidaire Induction  Range and I have to say that it impresses me every day with the speed that it cooks things. Usually I can empty the dishwasher while I wait for water to boil, but with this new range, I barely finish putting away just the top rack of the dishwasher when water is already boiling, while the bottom rack of clean dishes in the dishwasher is not even touched. This range truly makes for faster and more efficient cooking, which makes me and my hungry family happy!

Would you like to WIN your very own Frigidaire Induction  Range? Frigidaire Canada  is having a contest called "The Seduction of Induction Sweepstakes" where you can enter for a chance to win your very own range. Go here HERE to enter. Hurry because the sweepstakes close on October 31, 2013.

Disclosure: I am part of the Frigidaire Canada Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation of this group. However all opinions are my honest opinions. 

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