Monday, 16 September 2013

4 Tips To Avoid Homework Hassles

With the start of a new school year and new routines, there is one routine that is all too familiar in every house with school aged kids...and that is the homework routine. I have to say that we are very lucky in our house because  homework is done without any hassle on most days. However, this does not mean that we have not had the occasional homework battle.

This is my daughter's 13th year of school and my son's 9th year of school. Over the years, we have learned a few things about encouraging our kids to complete their homework with minimal nagging from Mom or Dad. And here is what I have found works for us:

1. Don't Overschedule Your Child.
Extra-curricular activities are great for providing children with exercise, confidence and fun. However, if your child doesn't arrive home until later in the evening to a late supper, homework can easily get pushed to the bottom of the list. Creating a balanced schedule where extra-curricular fun is balanced with homework, free-time and time for sleeping works best. A child who is not over-tired from their day is much more willing to do homework.

2. Set Up A Comfortable Homework Space.
A comfortable homework space based on the child's age and personality is a important part of a child's desire to do homework. I have one child who prefers to do homework in the quiet of her own bedroom.  However, my son, for many years, preferred to do his homework at the kitchen table while I cooked supper. So we set up a caddy filled with homework supplies that he could easily get out while doing homework and then put away in the closet when he was done.
And for a time, he liked to do his homework in our family room at this table.
And now that he has started junior high school, he likes to do his homework in his room, so we set him up this new study space in his room.
The key here is flexibility in providing a study space that works for your child!

3. Ask Your Child To Set A Time For Homework.
We have found that allowing our kids' to take responsibility for their schedules has made a huge impact on lessening conflict surrounding homework. We simply ask them what part of their day that they plan to do homework and then we expect them to stick to 'the plan'. This allows them greater control over their day and gives them practice at time management. I have one child who almost always sets his time for homework right after school because he wants to get it done and move on to fun things.
My daughter likes to unwind with some tv after school and she prefers to do her homework after dinner in the evening.
It really doesn't matter to us when the homework is done, as long as a quality job is done!

4. Know When To Get Help!
With a new school year already here, don't wait until poor test scores arrive home! If you know a child is overwhelmed, frustrated or needs help in a subject area or help with homework, get help now!
And as a parent, I know that help from Mom or Dad is often not the answer and can increase frustrations on both sides!
Math is a subject in our house that has required each child to spend extra time on memorization and review. And with a daughter in her senior year, we know that hiring a math tutor is a very costly venture with fees starting at $50 an hour. However, there are other programs available to help your child become successful in their school work. If you have a child who is overwhelmed, frustrated or not challenged by school, this may be the program you are looking for!
Oxford Learning
As Canada's leading supplemental educator, Oxford Learning is a terrific resource to help kids excel at school.

Oxford Learning has a variety of programs for children of all ages to help your child/children with school work challenges and homework...all while teaching them how to learn

Oxford Learning has 2 amazing programs designed to enhance your child's education.

Oxford Learning's Beyond Tutoring® program is for students in grades 1-8 offering help in specific subjects such as math, science & history, etc., along with in-session homework help.
This enriched curriculum teaches students how to organize themselves more efficiently, study and prepare for tests, problem-solve and develop their capacity for learning.

Oxford's Learning's Advantage High School Success™ program is designed for students in Grades 9-12 and offers vital skills in such things as how to study and prepare for exams, how to take good notes in class, how to write great essays and how to problem solve, as well as learning how to organize their time and materials.

Students of Oxford Learning® participate in a personalized learning experience that engages and sets them up for a lifetime of learning. With the help of Oxford Learning, students can gain confidence in learning which helps them to take an interest in pursing their own goals and tasks.

 If you think a child in your home could benefit from some extra help, why not check out the Oxford Learning website to learn more about how their programs could help your child have a successful school year!
And Oxford Learning is giving away one Oxford Learning Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment {valued at $250} so your child can get started with a personalized learning program!

If you would like a chance to WIN Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment, you can enter HERE by commenting about your own household homework habits to be entered to win a FREE Dynamic Assessment from Oxford Learning.
{Contest ends on September 29th and winner will be contacted on September 30th, 2013}

Good luck and wishing you a wonderful year of learning!

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