Monday, 4 June 2012

Camping & BBQ Recipes Week: Warm & Melty Cheese Dip in Tin Foil

Happy Monday!
Now that it's June, we are in the countdown for summer vacay.
This means we can finally think about our upcoming summer camping trips...Yay!
In celebration,  it's  Camping & BBQ Recipes Week here at Echoes of Laughter.
This week, I will be sharing the ultimate in easy camping food....tin foil recipes.
Easy tin foil recipes for an appetizer, side dishes, main dishes and desserts that take mere minutes to prepare and can go on the barby in a jiffy jiff.
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Let me introduce you to the the best friend of easy camping recipes...tin foil packets.
Tin Foil = No Dishes To Wash = Large Happy Smiles
We take both a roll of tin foil and tin foil wrappers {which are pre-cut sheets of tin easy to use!} on our camping trips. Indispensable I tell ya!
I recommend using a double layer of foil for added strength for barbeque dishes.
First up...a recipe for a delish appetizer~ warm & melty CHEESE DIP.
This is a wonderful dish to serve at the 3 pm snacky time of day, or as a pre-dinner appy, or when camping neighbours visit for a drink.
It takes 3 minutes to prepare and then 10-15 minutes on a hot bbq.

2 sheets of tin foil wrappers
1 250 g container of  Philadalphia Herb & Garlic Cream Cheese
3/4 cup salsa
diced tomato
sliced green onion {optional if onion isn't a fav}

Place cream cheese on double layer of tin foil {or 2 tin foil wrappers}
To cream cheese, add 1 cup of salsa and diced tomatoes and sliced green onions as shown.
Wrap up in foil.
Here is how I suggest wrapping bbq dishes into a foil packet.
Wrap up the middle first...folding foil over 3 times as shown.
Then roll ends tightly.. folding over 3 times as shown.
Wrapping the ends tightly is important because it stops the contents of the packet from leaking out onto the bbq.
Place foil packet on a hot bbq for 10-15 minutes.

Then open up the top to have a peek.
If it's warm & are done!
{Or you could leave on for a few more minutes if necessary.}
Open up the middle fold of the packet completely to form a bowl for serving.
{Leave the ends of packet alone.}

Serve with veggie crudites, multi-grain crackers or tortilla chips.
Goes so well with a glass of wine!
Not a camper? No tastes just as good in the backyard!
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