Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Make Yard Work Easier with the Ryobi 18V ONE+™ Hybrid String Trimmer From Home Depot

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I have to tell you a little secret. I don't do lawns.
 I do flowers beds and vegetable gardens, but I don't do lawn care. 
That has been my husband's department for 20 years. And you know what they say about a happy marriage? Never take on a job unless you want it to become yours.
 So I don't do grass.
Like at all. 
Therefore,  I had no idea that my husband hated our lawn trimmer. He never said a word about how heavy it was or how he wasn't happy with the job it did. 
Recently,  Home Depot Canada contacted me to ask if we would like to try the Ryobi  18V ONE+™ Lithium Hybrid Cordless & Corded String Trimmer 18V for our lawn.
 I immediately said yes since there has been a lot of buzz about Ryobi tools lately and I have been itching to try some for myself.
The real surprise came when my husband arrived home from work to see the newly delivered, still-in-the-box Ryobi Trimmer sitting in the mudroom.
My husband is NOT a dancer, but I swore that I saw him do a mini-happy dance.
He asked excitedly if that was his 'Father's Day present', so of course I said 'yes'.
Out of the box it came, and the charger & battery were plugged into the wall.
An hour later, I had a husband outside happily trimming away.
We have a rather large lawn that needs a lot of trimming.
And trimming is like fresh paint on a wall...it makes everything look so much better.
Except, sometimes the trimming didn't get done because my husband didn't like our other trimmer.
Not anymore! He was trimming all of our perennial borders like nobody's business with our new Ryobi Trimmer. 
It is so easy to use and very lightweight. 
And it is a hybrid, which means that it can be powered in one of two ways...with the 18V battery or with an extension cord.
So you can use whatever method works best for the yard/job.
The battery is quick to charge too...in just one hour. 
Another thing we love about Ryobi is that all 18V ONE+ batteries will work in every Ryobi 18V ONE+ tool ever made.
No need to buy different batteries for different tools. Brilliant.
As someone who likes to organize and keep clutter at bay, having one battery for many tools makes sense.
So now our yard work has been made a ton easier with this beautiful new lightweight trimmer.
My husband raved about it all weekend and I found the battery charging on our dining room table.
{Excuse me dear. Can you please move the battery charger so we can eat supper?}
This trimmer also has adjustable cut-width, edger capability and a 3 year warranty.
And here is the another thing...as someone how doesn't normally do lawn care, I like this trimmer too.
It's easy on my hands and arms and it feels comfortable to use. The long handle is easy to telescope so it can fit user height...a feature that makes it very user-friendly for short people like me.
I may or may not have been seen doing some lawn trimming this weekend.
And it might have been just a little bit fun.
{But don't tell my husband!}
And our perennial borders...they are looking as fresh as paint on a wall!

Disclosure: I was provided with this product for purposes of review by Home Depot Canada. However, as always, I only partner with brands that I use and love. All opinions are 100% my own.

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