Monday, 26 May 2014

5 Tips for Deep Cleaning & Organizing Your Kitchen For Spring

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Every Spring, I like to give my kitchen a good deep cleaning. It's the most used room in our home...with meals and snacks being created multiple times per day...along with the baking and canning projects I like to do over the Fall & Winter. So come is definitely time for a thorough, top to bottom cleaning & organizing. You may remember that I have chatted on this blog before about organizing a kitchen into zones and organizing a fridge for healthy, fast food at home, but I don't think I have ever shared how I go about doing a deep clean. 
Here are a few tips that will help make the job go easier!

5 Tips For Deep Cleaning The Kitchen

1. Gather Up Supplies.
Gather up the cleaning supplies needed including: a bucket, a good de-greasing spray,all-purpose cleaner, a sponge, a a few cleaning cloths, a ladder and a mop. Also gather a few empty cardboard boxes for items that you have decided to let go and donate.
2. Block The Time
Block the time into your calendar so it is a scheduled cleaning job. Make a plan for the kids to be busy or visiting if it makes the job easier for you. Book a few times as opposed to 1 day if 1 day is not enough time. Plan to a slow cooker meal so that you won't have to worry about dinner at the end of the day when you are tired.
3. Work Top to Bottom
Start from the top and work to the bottom. This means starting at the ceiling and working to the floor. This order makes sense because as you clean, dust and dirt will float down and land on the floor, which will be the last thing to be cleaned. Also, after the 'top' jobs are done, then the ladder can be put away.
4. Purge & Organize
Now is a great time to purge and remove all the things that not being used. Place them in cardboard boxes to go to charity. Organized the remaining items into work zones so that they make sense.
5. Clean All Surfaces
Remove fridge & stove and clean the floor underneath. Wipe all cupboards doors and appliances. Lastly, wipe down baseboards and mop floors.

I always start with a good cleaning of the area on top of the cupboards. I take everything down, give the cupboards a good spray with a de-greaser and wipe with clean cloths. I wash all of the dishes, and I also purge things that I want to get rid of. I also like to re-decorate this space and make things fresh again. This year, I decorated with a fresh colour scheme of wood textures, white dishes, baskets and touches of indigo blue.
Then I go through each cupboard, removing everything and wiping down the inside.
Anything that is not being used is placed in the box to donate.
Then I put everything back in an organized way so that things make sense and is easy to access.

I clean all surfaces and wipe down small appliances thoroughly.
Next, we move the stove and fridge to clean the floors underneath, which becomes a catch-all area for crumbs and dried, sticky spills.
One thing that makes my kitchen so much easier to clean & maintain are my Frigidaire Smudge-Proof ™Technology Fridge & Stove. {This technology is available on all Frigidaire Gallery and Frigidaire Professional® products and works like a charm in making kitchen clean-ups super fast by resisting dirty fingerprints. This technology is so much easier to clean than traditional stainless steel surfaces because Frigidaire uses high grade stainless steel that is coated with layers of polymers, resulting in a sleek, beautiful stainless steel finish that is both durable and resistant to fingerprints. 
My fridge and stove clean beautifully with just water and I love that!
And lastly, I clean the other areas in my kitchen, like the beverage center and pantry.
There is nothing I like more in my home than a clean, organized & sparkling kitchen. Although the other rooms in my home might be a disaster at times, I don't mind as long as the kitchen is clean. I love having a beautiful & clean kitchen greet me in the morning. A good deep cleaning once or twice a year gives me the extra piece of mind that the areas that aren't seen on a daily basis are clean as well. And a wonderfully clean kitchen is the best beginning for creating tasty meals and delicious treats for my family.

Disclosure: I am part of the Frigidaire Canada Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on the blog are my own.

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