Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Caramel Apple Bites...

This is the cutest dessert ever....if I do say so myself!
You know when fall comes and you crave caramel apples? 
If you are like me then you don' t really want to eat  a whole caramel apple, but a couple of bites would do the trick and satisfy the craving.
Well hello caramel apple bites!

I was looking for a little dessert to go with a little lunch that I am planning for some friends when I thought of these.
Although we do love caramel apple dip in this house...the yummy kind with cream cheese...I have some girlfriends who cannot eat wheat or this works perfectly.
And the directions are so simple...cut apples into wedges.
Swipe apples in a thick caramel dip...not a runny kind.
Then dip the caramel coated wedge into skor toffee bits.
I also used cute wooden forks that I found at a dollar store,  and embellished with a little ribbon.
I think caramel apple bites would be so cute for any tea party, ladies' lunch or a birthday party.
If I were making these ahead of time, I would be sure to bathe the apple wedges in diluted lemon juice to keep the wedges from turning brown.
Also, these would be great loaded with chocolate and nuts too!

We are having fabulous weather in my city...I am still wearing flip flops.
That makes me happy!
 Pumpkin Scones with Maple Cinnamon Frosting and Caramel Apple Bites make me happy too!

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