Thursday, 13 September 2012

5 Easy Fall Decorating Tips...

As I am decorating my home for fall this week, I thought I would share some easy fall decorating tips for creating fun fall vignettes around your home.

My approach to decorating for the seasons is to use what I have and to gather items from around the house to start with first. Then if I  must,  I go buy a few little  things to fill in the gaps or something that really catch my eye...but only if  I can squeeze it in my budget!
Here are 5 things that I love to decorate with for fall!
 Use vases for branches and leaves. Every home usually has some vases. If they colours don't work, consider spray painting them to a more suitable colour such as white. If you don't have as many vases as you would like, check out thrift stores and yards sales where you can usually pick some up for just a few dollars. The vase in the above photo was spray painted white a few years ago because I found the pink & purple colour that is was originally not that practical.

2. Candlesticks & Candles.
Candlesticks & candles are great for adding some height to any vignette. I have assorted black and white candlesticks in different sizes and they are invaluable for decorating around the house and changing things up. Note that candlesticks are not just for candles...I used them to display pumpkins in the photo below.

 Assorted white candles lends itself to a stunning effect when group together and can be used on tables as well as trays.

3. Apples
You can never go wrong wiith a bowl of apples displayed anywhere in the house for Fall. It's an easy and affordable look.

 Another one of my favourite items for decorating are books. Books can be used to elevate objects or just to give some 'weight' to your display. You can also turn the books around so that the pages are showing instead of the spine to 'neutralize' the colour for any display.

5. Pops of Orange.
Pops of orange are great for any fall-themed display. Whether you use pumpkins or artwork, orange just happily says "Fall!" to the atmosphere.

And those are my 5 easy tips for decorating for Fall.....all things they might already have in your home or can be picked up easily from thrift stores or yard sales and won't cost you a bundle.

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