Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Organize Receipts, Loyalty Cards & Coupons Easily with Ziploop

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you  know how I love organizing!  I especially love finding ways to keep paper clutter at bay since paper clutter is my nemesis.  And as a busy mom, I often find myself lugging around a jumbled mess of receipts in the bottom of my purse from my daily shopping excursions. Both my wallet and purse are often bursting with reward cards from the various stores I like to shop at. That is why I was so excited to find out about this new FREE app called Ziploop which I downloaded on my iPhone 5. Ziploop is a fast & simple way to make organizing your shopping activities easy. Ziploop will organize receipts, manage reward cards and more. And since I first downloaded Ziploop a few weeks ago,  Ziploop has just released an UPDATED VERSION that makes the app even quicker to launch,  added a few new features and fixed a few little glitches for an even better experience!
In just a few minutes, you can easily download Ziploop from the iTunes Store or from Google Play for your android phone or tablet.
Once Ziploop is downloaded and opened up, it will look like this.
Now you can start taking those receipts from the bottom of your purse or pile of paper at home, and convert them to this paperless organizer located right on your phone!
The steps are very easy to follow. Just quickly capture a photo or two of each receipt.
And before you know it, all of your receipts will be uploaded to Ziploop and the junk pile in the bottom of your purse will be disappear!
Here are my receipts from the past few days of shopping. Ziploop worked great for most of the stores I shop at, with the exception of grocery stores. For some reason, the grocery stores in my local area do not have bar codes at the bottom of the receipt, which is something  needed for electronic storage.
Here are  all the other receipts I was able to get out of my purse!
And there are so many ways to organize the receipts...by month, store, date, location or by a tag.
This also works wonders for tracking spending and expenses too!
Ziploop also manages reward cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and coupons.
Just take a picture of your reward card and upload it to Ziploop.
Coupons can be mailed directly to your Ziploop app so they are there when you need them.
And one of the NEW FEATURES includes push notifications so you can be notified a few days before your rewards & coup0ns expire so you don't miss out on important savings!
And all of the  reward and loyalty cards can be stored on your phone so you no longer have to carry around a tattered pile of cards.
For example, here is the bar code for a loyalty card that I use to shop.
Now it can be scanned at the checkout from my phone instead of me having to carry the card around.
After a few days of using Ziploop, I was able to keep my purse clear of bunches of paper, while having all of my receipts and reward cards completely organized and accessible on my phone. 
If I need to return something,...no problem! I can just do a quick search of the receipts from that store to find the receipt needed.

As a busy mom, I am always looking for things that can help me to be better organized. I find that when I am organized, I am less stressed and have more time for things I enjoy. I cannot tell you what  a huge relief it is to use Ziploop to help me maintain a nice clean purse and to keep my 'to file' pile at home much more manageable.
I like having all of my receipts and reward/loyalty cards  nicely organized on my phone.
For a mom who likes to be organized, it's a win-win all around.

If you would like to learn more about Ziploop, please watch this awesome Youtube  video HERE!

Disclosure-I partnered with Ziploop to create this post. However, as always, I only work with products/brands that I love and use in my own home. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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