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Moms Can Lead The Way #Unstoppable Moms For Unstoppable Girls

{This post is part of's support of the Dove® Unstoppable Moms for Unstoppable Girls Contest. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors. Go to to enter by sharing how you inspire girls to reach their full potential.}

There was a time that I felt very uncomfortable in a bathing suit while taking my toddling daughter to the local pool for swimming lessons.  I thought briefly about not taking her at all because of my own feelings. But then I realized that I did not want to be that kind of role model for my daughter. I wanted to show her that we, as women and girls,  have the power over the choices we make and we must do the things we enjoy without letting uncomfortable feelings about body image stop us. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and we must embrace who we are and love matter what!

Did you know that 6 out of 10 girls avoid activities they enjoy because they feel badly about the way they look? That is so sad! But when girls have a role model at home, they are less likely to let anxiety  about their looks hold them back. As moms of daughters, I think that it is so important for us to support our girls in participating in a variety of activities by role modelling participation ourselves. We should lead by example by participating in a variety of different activities such as sports, volunteer positions, and fun activities such as crafts, hobbies or clubs. All of these things can be very rewarding and help girls gain confidence and build skills that can last a lifetime Over the years, I have walked for daily exercise, taken yoga classes, taught scrapbooking classes, steered volunteer committees,  and enjoyed cooking classes...all while making new friends and learning so many things along the way.

As my daughter has watched me do these things over her sixteen years, I hope that she has internalized that she, too, can do anything that her heart desires. She can be unstoppable! I like to think that my varied activities over the years have set an example to her, because at 16, she: skates, runs, works out at the gym, cooks, bakes, babysits, holds a part time job as a hostess at a restaurant, tutors kids in French reading and volunteers with committees at school. She has a busy and active life and feels comfortable in a lot of different roles. I am so proud of the young lady that she has become!
An  important approach that we can take as mothers of girls is to make sure that we always use positive self-talk, and strive to be a source of  encouragement to those around us. Sometimes, small words of encouragement can be such a boost to others and make all the difference in the feelings associated with an activity or experience. I always tell my children to never be afraid to try. The success is always in the  'trying' and 'making a good effort' and not in the outcome. This is part of what has made me {what I like to think} an 'unstoppable role mode' for my daughter....I set and tackle goals for myself and I don't  let fear or doubt stop me.{And trust me...I have felt a lot of fear over the years...both real & imagined!} I reassure my children that we must go ahead and try/do the things that scare us the most, because often, those experiences turn out to be the most rewarding ones, and they give us 'pebbles' of confidence to go forward in the next challenge. Pebbles of confidence can take us on new & exciting adventures anywhere.
My daughter and I rafting on the tidal bore in Nova Scotia in 2011.
 I wholeheartedly believe that mothers can inspire daughters to do amazing things by being real, thinking positive, sharing encouragement and role modelling active lives. Unstoppable Moms that are setting positive examples for their daughters deserve to be celebrated and Dove is doing just that. As part of the Unstoppable Moms for Unstoppable Girls Contest, Dove will be choosing 4 lucky women{1 from each region}to win $2500 for themselves and $2500 donated to help raise a girl's self-esteem. All you have to do to enter is share your story as outlined below. Share your story. It's important!

Are you an unstoppable mom? Share YOUR story about a time when you thought about quitting an activity you loved because of how you felt about your body and let them know how you think moms/role models can better support girls to participate in activities. You have until June 13, 2013 to enter. You could win $2,500 for yourself and $2,500 will be donated to help raise a girl’s self-esteem.

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