Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Gardening Weekend & An Ice Cream Treat

 We are just coming away from a gorgeous long holiday weekend where we enjoyed a weekend of relaxing, gardening projects and barbecuing. My husband and son spent a good part of the last 3 days in the yard...getting our flower beds cleaned up from winter and preparing the vegetable garden for planting. My son was great about helping his Dad all weekend.

Husband and son also spent time working on this special project together....a platform for the water barrel so we can water our garden in the environmentally friendly way...with a gravity fed hose from a barrel of collected rain water. We have been wanting make this for a few years, and finally got it completed.
And of course, supervising all the projects in the backyard were these little girls...our scruffy but adorable dogs Molly & Rigley.  They follow my son around like he's the Holy Grail!
For all of his hard work, I promised my son a special treat when he was finished with his chores. This week, the kind folks at Nestle Canada contacted me to see if our family would like to try their new frozen treat...Peelin' Pops. {And then they shipped us Peelin' Pops on dry ice. How cool is that? I love my job!}

Peelin' Pops are a fun frozen treat shaped like a banana with an edible banana flavoured gummy peel shell that 'peels' like a banana to reveal a tasty vanilla center. I have to say that we were a bit skeptical about the 'peel like a banana' part, but this pop delivered the fun it promised. Have a look!
To open the treat like a banana, kids need to bite the top of the bar, then 'peel' the "banana skin" and enjoy the delicious vanilla filling. It really is such a cute creation for kids!
I have to say that the Peelin' Pops were a hit with our whole family! Our 12 year liked them, my teenage daughter like them and my husband and I both liked them too! The entire box of Peelin' Pops was gone in 2 days. We all loved the texture of the banana gummy peel and the delicious vanilla ice cream center. My son, in particular, loved them and was constantly asking me when he could have one! {Don't get ice cream on your nose Ty!}
And as a mom, you might like to know that Peelin' Pops contain no artificial colours, are low in fat, and come in packs of eight for $5.99. They can be found at grocery stores across Canada and I have already noticed them in the freezer section of my local grocery store. These are a great little treat for summer, and a budget-friendly alternative to the ice cream truck or local ice cream parlour.

{Disclosure~I received this product as part of a sponsored post for Nestle Canada. However, all opinions are my own and my family truly enjoyed Peelin' Pops.}

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