Monday, 22 April 2013

Celebrate Earth Day: Make Your Home Energy Smart® with GE Lighting

Did you know that Earth Day is the largest and most celebrated event worldwide? And each year, over 6 million Canadians join over 1 billion people in over 170 countries to raise awareness and make positive changes in our environment to help protect our world from pollution? Almost every school child in Canada will take part in a project or activity to celebrate Earth Day!

Did you, as well, know that we can pollute twice as much with our homes as with our cars? Yes. It's true. Every time we cook in the kitchen, turn on a light switch, or plug in a laptop or smart phone, we are using energy, and most energy is generated by plants which burn fossil fuels. And we know that burning fossil fuels creates greenhouse gases that are released into the air. When we make choices that reduce energy consumption, then we also reduce  the amount of greenhouse gases being put into the air.

When you make more energy efficient choices, you are helping to protect the environment. There is one simple change that you can make in your home today which will help reduce energy consumption, and therefore reduce greenhouse gases. The one simple change you can make is to change all of your light bulbs to GE energy smart® Bright From the Start® CFL Light Bulbs. Unlike other CFLs, GE energy smart® Bright from the Start® CFLs feature a capsule that provides light instantly, so no more waiting to experience full brightness. From the moment you flip the switch, you will be seeing at full brightness right away.
And not only will you be experiencing full brightness, you can rest easy knowing that you are helping the environment by reducing energy consumption.  GE energy smart® Bright From the Start® CFL Light Bulbs has these important features and benefits:

  • ~Lasts 8 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs
  • ~Uses 75% less energy
  • ~Saves $39 in energy cost over the life of the bulb*
  • ~7.3 year life at 3 hours/day usage

  • And, these bulbs provide a similar soft, diffuse light as an incandescent with a similar shape, great for table lamps and fixtures where you want light instantly.

    In celebration of Earth Day, GE Lighting would like to encourage you to change all of your light bulbs to GE energy smart® Bright From the Start® CFL Light Bulbs to reduce energy consumption. And to help you make the switch, they have a COUPON available to help you with the purchase of  Bright From the Start® CFL Light Bulbs.

     You can find the COUPON on the GE Lighting Facebook page here.
    To learn more about GE Lighting and their full range of products, be sure to visit their site, which is full of information & helpful tips,

    {Disclosure-I am writing this post on behalf of GE Lighting to celebrate Earth Day. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion.}

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