Thursday, 28 February 2013

Easter Cookie Decorating Kit

An Easter Cookie Decorating Kit that is super fun & easy to in?
When my kids were younger, one of their very favourite activities in the kitchen was to decorate cookies. They didn't care what kind of long as there were frosting and sprinkles involved, it was total awesome-sauce for them!
One of the reasons that I love blogging is that I have an outlet for my creative brain activity to go!
It comes out in creations and colours and fun photos like this project.

 The inspiration for this project came from seeing these little candy kits at places like Williams Sonoma and Chapters, except those kits cost a gazillion dollars. I don't have a gazillion dollars, so I made one for about $4... {insert happy smile here}. These organizing boxes can easily be found at the dollar store, and after a good washing in soap & water, I filled one up with Easter candy and sprinkles from the local bulk food joint. Then I tied it up with pretty purple baker's twine and a chipboard tag from my scrapbooking stash.
 I made these delicious soft sugar cookies from my Grandmother's sugar cookie recipe, and tied them up with more baker's twine. If you are not a baker or don't have the time, you could easily use a roll of purchased sugar cookie dough....just wrap some Easter paper around it.
 A can of purchased frosting completes the kit. I wrapped some scrapbook paper around the can and embellished with more twine and a little tag. Homemade frosting in a mason jar would be just as great!
This would be such a fabulous gift for little kids or big kids for an Easter activity.
It would work well as a take home from a birthday party too.
And what a hootin' surprise this would be to mail to someone special...can you imagine their surprise in opening this?
Laughs and smiles I tell ya!
Have you started any Easter crafting/projects or is it a little too early?
Part of being in blogland means that projects are always shared early so readers can have the time to shop and make their creations at home before the holiday hits.
But I don't mind sharing early...and my family certainly doesn't mind eating cookies {wink}.
Thank you so much for visiting!
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{Thank you so much to the sweet people at Greenmunch for sharing their pretty Baker's Twine with me! I am a lucky girl!}

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