Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Tailgate Picnic Party

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Summer is absolutely about casting off routine and enjoying fun with family & friends, am I right?
 I just love doing special and fun things that we normally don't have time or the weather for during the school year. 
And although I love entertaining at home, this happy and coloful Tailgate Picnic Party is a wonderful and relaxed way to enjoy all that is carefree about summer days. 
It's a cute party on the road that can go to the lake, beach, cottage or park. 
It is joyful, yet relaxed and can be a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday or other happy occasion from age from 1-100! And with help of compostable dinnerware from,  this picnic was oh-so-easy to pack and take along!
This party is all about packing up the fun and taking it to a great outdoor space for a change of scenery. {And it's easy on Moms too, with no house-cleaning or messy cleanup after!}And right from the trunk of your vehicle,  you can offer drinks, lunch, snacks or sweets to refresh the play and social time that is happening around you.
Just add a tablecloth and you have a perfect serving surface!
Even a few paper lanterns added with duct tape to the ceiling of the vehicle can bring the picnic some bright pizzazz.
Using a drink dispenser, along with picnic baskets and trays keep the picnic organized and pretty.
And the lightweight, compostable dinnerware I used made transporting, serving and clean-up a breeze.  The dinnerware is perfect for packing food into individual-sized containers and then by bringing a blue recycling bag, you can take the waste home to add to the recycling bin. And dishes to do! {Except for one drink dispenser.}
I filled a drink dispenser with sparkling  strawberry lemonade and served them in these clear chevron and bubble pattern compostable cups topped with clear lids and pretty paper straws.
Who can resist the playful touch of pretty paper straws?
I then packed a little lunch of wraps with a few veggies in these containers, along with a side of potato chips in these neat french fry containers.
For dessert, I offer lovely cupcakes piled high with icing and packed into these cups with dome lids to keep the bugs off. And I made these yummy fruit cups with a Greek yogurt dip packed into these inserts designed for the cups.
I have never been a fan of plastic cutlery, which I is why I love this wooden cutlery from Aspenware which is so sturdy. It is the next best thing to using real cutlery. Having cutlery in blue mason jars is great for those who need to cut sandwiches or fruit into smaller pieces for little ones.
All of the lunches were packed into a basket for easy transportation and serving.
And as part of the the Tailgate Picnic Party, you may want to pack some toys like bubbles, Frisbees or balls if there is no play equipment or a swimming area nearby. I brought these adorable little paper fans.
And depending on whether the party space has picnic tables or not, you might suggest to guests that they bring a blanket to sit on or lawn chairs for their own comfort as well too!
 A Tailgate Picnic's the NEW way for moms to throw a party without having to clean the whole house, decorate the house,  spend a lot of money or be left with a huge messy post-party aftermath!
Just bring a recycling bag for all of the waste, and take it home to toss into your recycling bin for pick up by your recycling services. Super easy!
For all of your entertaining needs, I highly recommend visiting as they have a HUGE assortments of products to suit every need...whether it be birthdays, weddings, baby showers, or family reunions.
And all of products are environmentally friendly as well. 
They believe in offering quality products for entertaining that are also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Disclousure: This post was generously sponsored by I LOVE and use all of their products and use them regularly in my home! 

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