Friday, 25 January 2013

A Pretty Valentine's Vignette

I am back today to share  a little project with you....a pretty Valentine's vignette.
I love vignettes...there are easy to create and add a little seasonal touch to a space without a ton of work.
This week, I also created a Valentine's Mantel and a special Valentine's drink.

My favourite place for vignettes is the dining room table.
It's the spot where we spend the most time and it's nice to look at when the kitchen is a mess.
Here a few pointers on creating your own vignette for the dining table.
1. Start with a base..a place mat, a tray or a lazy susan.
2. Use seasonal colours or a colour theme that makes you happy.
3. Add a vase or jar with fresh flowers or fake flowers...they both work!
4. Add 2 other decorative objects next to your vase...vary heights and size and stay with your theme colour.
5. Add a napkin holder with napkins that work with what you have going on.

Now stand back & enjoy. Or tweak it a little.
And enjoy some more!

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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