Thursday, 23 February 2012

Finding Space In Our Kitchen...

I have been playing around in our kitchen...looking at our space and trying to puzzle how we can get more use out of our present counter space.
At issue is our old microwave..... which is on it's last legs.
It currently sits in this little nook by the pantry.
It was my husband's suggestion to replace it with an over the oven model.
It would free up the counter space here.
I don`t know why we didn`t think of this before!
Here is our present hot beverege set a teeny, tiny space of counter by the fridge.
The only problem is that this space often becomes the 'drop off' space for my husband's wallet, sunglasses and blackberry.
It would be nice to make this area strictly his 'drop zone' if that is the area he insists on using.
And if the new microwave was located about the stove....
The area freed up by the moved microwave could become the new coffee/tea/hot chocolate area.
There would even be room for the mug tree and our new milk frother.
I played around a bit, and re-styled things with a silver tray holding everything, while re-locating the coffee and tea pods in the drawer below.
Which look do you like?
The one with the coffee pod carousel, or with the silver tray?
Now I am on the search for the right size of microwave to fit above the stove.
It's funny how sometimes that little extra space you are looking for is often staring you straight in the face if you just allow yourself to think of the possibilities and make small changes!
I have begun spring cleaning this past week.
Every day I am trying to pay extra attention to one small area....wiping baseboards and washing walls and tackling those tiny bits of clutter that have tended to loiter a bit after winter.
I have 2 bags of clothes in the back of my car to go to Goodwill tomorrow.
It feels so good!

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