Saturday, 3 December 2011

Our Christmas Mantel 2011...

For the first time ever, we are decorating in red and green and white this year.
Yes we are!
Not the classic red & green, but a bit more of a  modern red & green.
It's was my daughter Hunter who wanted a red & green christmas this year.
Last year, when we were undecorating, she asked if we could have more of 'Dr. Seuss Whoville' look next Christmas.
And when I asked her what her interpretation of a 'Whoville' christmas was, she said, 'Candy, red & green'.
So, red & green it is!
We have decorated in blue & green for 10 years now, and although I love that colour scheme...
I agreed it was time for a little change.
This was how the mantel {piano top} looked last year.
I put the branches away as they have been there in one form or another for  the whole year.
Here the brances were all prettied up for Fall 2011...but now it`s time for a rest.
I created a little vignette of trees, Mr. Owl, along with pine cones, books and pops of white.
I am loving this change for our house this year.
{And yes, the wall colours is the same as last year, but as I edited the photo to get rid of shadows, the wall colour got more intense too.I like to photograph in natural light, but it is hard to get great light in this corner in winter!}
I cannot wait to decorate the tree this year in our new colour scheme!
For some reason, I always start seasonal decorating with the mantel....I guess because it inspires me and sets the tone for the rest of the house.

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