Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Make Laundry Easier Than Ever with the IronEase Pro Ironing Board & Giveaway {CAN Only}

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Like any busy mom, laundry is my nemesis as it is a never-ending chore!
A few years ago, I shared this post where I talked about how I simplified our laundry system by doing laundry by person and NOT by colour.
However, although this method saves oodles of time, there is always the ironing pile to contend with. I think any mom would agree that anything that can help get laundry/ironing done in less time is worth investigating...which is why I was so happy to try out this amazing new IronEase Pro Ironing Board by de Machinor and now available in Canada though Amazon.
This board arrived at my home last week and I have been ironing with it ever since. {You might even say that I have gone a little ironing crazy.}  I think I actually see the bottom of the ironing pile now! I have been ironing my husband's dress shirts, shorts, blouses, curtains, and pillow cases {because I like them crisp}.
And this board is knocking it out of the park!

The Iron Ease has 8 amazing features that are designed to overcome the flaws of traditional ironing boards, therefore making ironing quicker and more enjoyable. 
This short video shows all of the amazing features that the IronEase Pro offers. And although I could write a whole bunch of words for you to read, the video really shows it best!
I have to admit that I really did not understand the value that this board had to offer until I watched the video for myself and then I was like, "Mama needs this ironing board!"
So please watch it and you will see too!

Although the IronEase Pro is more expensive than the average ironing board, it is built to last a lifetime and you are receiving a quality ironing board that is substantially more sturdy and made with a craftsmanship that includes a metal top {as opposed to plastic of the traditional board} so your ironing board will last for many years providing you with incredible value for your money!

Here are my favorite features of this board.
This is the Patented Shoulder Wing expansion system which allows you to iron shirts without having to arrange the garment around the board several times.
Here is my husband's shirt on the board with the ShoulderWing expansion.
See how I can get to those shoulders with the iron easily?
And here is the other feature I love...the adjustable basket for things that you like to keep at arm's reach...like a phone or remote controls. I always watch TV while I iron, so I love having the remote controls right where I can see them.
And this board is substantially wider than a traditional board so you can get more in one go...which is great for things like curtains and tablecloths.
And it also has an extra large heat resistant iron tray for steam generators.
{I currently don't have a steam generator, but I sure would like one!}
The IronEase Pro has really made the chore of ironing easier. With it's many features, ironing can be done more quickly so you can spend less time ironing. And that is worth something for busy moms who already have enough to do!
I am really super excited that the kind folks at De Machinor have provided one IronEase Pro to giveaway to one lucky Canadian reader! 
This giveaway runs from today until August 12, 2014 at midnight MST.

Disclosure: This post was generously sponsored by De Machinor. I own and use the IronEase Pro and I love it! All opinions are my honest opinions.

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